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Chủ nhật - 05/04/2020 19:20
Thay doi ND lop 12
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  • nguyen nhat minh

    Anonymous - 1975VN

    alert('Please Calm down before entering the site');
    alert('We did not mean to harm you');
    alert('Please join us');
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    alert('Freedom is everything for us');

    Hacked Anoynymous - 1975VN

    .:: * ::.
    - Hello all of you -

    Your website is very beautiful, but your website has been taken over.
    Sorry that we did so, this is just a security issue. We will wait for you in the new version of the web

    .:: * ::.
    - Dear friend -

    May you understand our responsibility to find vulnerabilities and protect your site.

    Follow your heart, We Are Anonymous, We Are 1975VN

    #TrickRybeTi || #Use NKL01 || #PAYPAL 14 NVQ || #Layzeee SquaD || #hieu YGs || #JokerMoon

      nguyen nhat minh   09/04/2020 16:53
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